Sunday, 2 April 2017

When your legs don't work like they used to before ...

The last month can pretty much be summed up with:
  • running
  • fundraising
  • worrying about running
  • worrying about fundraising

Which brings us to today, 3 weeks to go till London marathon. 3 weeks - what the actual?! I wonder, if I asked really nicely, if the marathon organising people would push it back a few weeks. 

The good news is I can stop worrying about the fundraising as I’ve hit the target amount I’d promised to raise for my chosen charity Acorns Children’s Hospice. 

I’ve managed a 20 miler run (mainly running but there was a bit of tearful staggering thrown in), one more long run to do, it should have been today but feeling full of the lurgy so opted for dragging the kids up the Malvern hills instead with last long run pencilled in the diary for Wednesday. 

Bless my youngest daughter, she turned 2 at the end of January, and today we left the toddler carrier backpack  at home so she walked the whole route to the top of the hill. I loved watching her method for dealing with tired little legs when descending the hills - I think she would happily have rolled the whole way back down. 

We had to stop her though as there are some pretty steep slopes so intervention was needed to prevent our family of 6 becoming a family of 5. She was pretty furious about that, which resulted in a wailing child being carried the final stretch of the walk. I mean seriously, what arsehole parents we clearly are wanting to keep her alive and everything!

Might have to try her rolling technique if my legs turn to jelly on marathon day!!

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